Due to worldwide shortages only select products are available until further notice


Valued Customer,

The world is now facing COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic. Similar to water, paper towels, hand sanitizer, toilet paper, and respirator masks many of our products have also been overwhelmed with the surge in global demand. Note the following important FACTS pertaining to your order:

1. CANCELLATION – Due to extreme national emergency, returns are not possible until further notice. ALL SALES ARE FINAL-IF YOU ARE UNSURE OF YOUR ALCOHOL NEEDS — DO NOT ORDER.

2. AVAILABILITY: As you will notice many of our products are blocked and not available. We will be monitoring inventory and production schedules and may be eliminating items as the emergency continues to unfold. PRODUCT SALES ARE LIMITED TO ONE PER CUSTOMER.

3. PRICING: We have been a long-term high-quality supplier online for many years and provide thousands of clients consistently year-round. We do not participate in opportunistic spot profit grabs, as we know that we will be here for many years and strive to work with our trusted customer base that we have built over decades. If you see increases in pricing it is due to the fact that we are having to pay 24 hour team drivers for trucking, expedited air freight, rush print and press charges, and numerous other price increases including overtime and contract manufacturers that normally do not exist when we are under our standard production schedules. If you are not happy with the price of your item, please source your item locally or from other suppliers and DO NOT ORDER.

4. ALLOCATION & CONTROL: At this time we are limiting product purchases to ONE PER CUSTOMER PER DAY.

5. E-Mail, Voice Mail, and Customer Service: During this national emergency we are receiving thousands of requests and it is virtually impossible to respond to all questions and inquiries. Please expect delays if you are contacting us for routine customer service issues.

6. DELIVERY: We have always had a 100% perfect, on-time shipping history on all platforms. In fact, being in Pacific Time Zone, 99% of the time we ship all items same day. However, due to the backlog of shipment processing, orders are not shipped within 3 business days. We apologize for any delays you may experience and are working diligently to get your order shipped as fast as possible. Also, due to the backed-up demand, please monitor your tracking number for actual status of the package. Thank you for your patience during this time.



Shop IPA Alcohol

High-quality, ultra-pure isopropyl alcohol designed for use in industrial, commercial, medical, cosmetic, automotive, electronic, pet care, horticulture, and laboratory applications. As an all purpose solvent, this colorless product is available in 99.99%, 99.5%, 91%, and 70% concentrations.

Shop Eagle PPE

Our Eagle PPE safety gear is versatile and perfect for many applications including: industrial, construction, carpentry, gardening, mechanical, automotive, general shop, landscaping, medical, and other specialty uses. All Eagle PPE products come with a 100% satisfactory guarantee, so you can shop with confidence.

Shop Acetone

High-quality, best-in-class acetone, is designed for commercial, laboratory, medical, and cosmetic, applications. Our formula is free of Parabens and Phthalates. IMAX Acetone comes in a 100% concentration, for maximum quality with a maximum value. Our product, bottle, and packaging are 100% MADE IN USA.

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