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High-quality, ultra-pure isopropyl alcohol designed for use in industrial, commercial, medical, cosmetic, automotive, electronic, pet care, horticulture, and laboratory applications. As an all purpose solvent, this colorless product is available in 99.99%, 99.5%, 91%, and 70% concentrations.

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Our Eagle PPE safety gear is versatile and perfect for many applications including: industrial, construction, carpentry, gardening, mechanical, automotive, general shop, landscaping, medical, and other specialty uses. All Eagle PPE products come with a 100% satisfactory guarantee, so you can shop with confidence.

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High-quality, best-in-class acetone, is designed for commercial, laboratory, medical, and cosmetic, applications. Our formula is free of Parabens and Phthalates. IMAX Acetone comes in a 100% concentration, for maximum quality with a maximum value. Our product, bottle, and packaging are 100% MADE IN USA.

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