Gardening Pruning Gloves


Our Eagle PPE garden pruning gloves are perfect for taking care of any landscaping needs. These gloves are an elegant solution to keeping your hands safe and soft, and enhancing your overall experience. Our gloves protect your hands with a strong leather barrier that rocks, thorns, and scissors cannot penetrate. Your hands will be safe from hand injuries, abrasions, wounds, and sore fingers with these durable gardening gloves. These thick glolves are constructed with a breathable material that is ideal for both hot and cold weather.


• COMFORTABLE- entirely natural, hypoallergenic and antibacterial product, made from breathable, A-Grade goatskin leather

• GOATSKIN LEATHER- provides the ultimate protection possible from sharp thorns and pickers without sacrificing dexterity.

• PUNCTURE RESISTANT- used for handling cactus, pruning berry and all prickly bushes, citrus picking and to protect you from poison ivy.