Vinyl Exam Gloves


Our Eagle PPE Vinyl exam gloves are FDA approved for medical use and offer an effective barrier protection. These powder-free, disposable gloves, are made of strong vinyl, that unlike natural rubber, will not rip or tear during normal use. Vinyl is less elastic than nitrite and latex, giving it a looser fit and smooth, comfortable feel, with excellent sensitivity in the palm and fingertips.These industrial grade gloves are latex free, and ideal for those with sensitive skin or allergies. Use our Eagle PPE vinyl gloves are perfect for any of your medical, dental, or child care applications. Available in large size. It is ambidextrous.


• 100 gloves, 50 pairs

• Safe gloves for food service

• Natural, powder-free gloves

• Designed for a comfortable fit

• Industrial grade stretch vinyl gloves are durable

• Form fitting

• Provide excellent tactile sensitivity

• Safe for skin

• Variety of Industry