Black Mamba Nitrile Gloves


Super strong industrial grade gloves provide a heavy duty barrier against a variety of chemicals. 3 x thicker than vinyl and latex, these disposable latex-free gloves offer industrial-grade resistance from punctures and abrasions while maintaining high levels of dexterity and a secure grip.


  • Available in boxes of 100 
  • Heavy duty
  • 6 mil thick
  • Fully textured
  • Ambidextrous
  • Powder Free 
  • No Natural Rubber Latex
  • Disposable

Toughest Protection Available

Keep your hands highly protected with super thick and resistant nitrile.

6 mil thick disposable gloves made from patented NITREX polymers for superior better protection and anti-tear strength.

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Toughest Protection Available image

Features of the product

Black mamba nitrile gloves provide the strongest protection against chemicals, punctures, abrasions and more.
Extremely Resistant icon

Extremely Resistant

Powder and Latex-free icon

Powder and Latex-free

Super Durable icon

Super Durable

Patented NITREX Polymers icon

Patented NITREX Polymers

Extra Resistance Without Natural Rubber image

Extra Resistance Without Natural Rubber

Super strong patented NITREX polymer provides extra strength protection and an impermeable layer against many chemicals, oils and acids, without the inclusion of any latex or other natural rubber.

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Maintain Sensitivity

All over texture provides a secure grip that is perfect for handling and working with fine objects.

Maintain Sensitivity image

Maintain good dexterity in your fingers while maintaining a level of protection that is stronger and tougher than standard disposable gloves.

Exceptional Fit image

Exceptional Fit

Material molds to your hand shape for an exceptionally secure fit that minimizes the risk of skin contact, offering next-level protection and comfort - even during the toughest and most challenging jobs.

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