KN95 Face Masks - 20 Pack Individually Wrapped FDA Approved

  • 20 Individually wrapped masks.
  • FDA Approved KN95 masks.
  • High filtration respirator type mask.
  • Comfortable.
  • Reusable with Bear Essential Sterilizer.

  • 20 Individually wrapped masks.

How to test your KN95 mask

An authentic KN95 mask is a well designed barrier of defence against many harmful pollutants. But with the coronavirus pandemic pushing up demand for face masks all over the world, some companies have begun manufacturing masks that don’t provide the same protection as the original product. 

To check whether your KN95 mask is genuine, you can perform a few simple tests. First, put your mask on and hold a lighter a short distance away from your face. If you’re able to blow through the mask to extinguish the flame, then the chances are your mask is not genuine. 

KN95 masks should also provide excellent water resistance. You can test this by filling the inside of your mask with a small amount of water. If the water is held by the mask, with no droplets coming through, then the mask is likely to be authentic. 

Holding your mask up to a bright light will also help you to test its quality. A good KN95 mask will be made of uniform, densely layered material. Holding it to the light should reveal no shadows or discrepancies in the thickness of the mask. 

How to wear a KN95 mask 

To ensure the optimum effectiveness of your KN95 mask, it is important to fit it properly. Begin by holding the mask over your mouth and nose. Then, once it’s in position, loop one of the elastic earpieces over your ear, and pull the mask close to your face. 

Secure the mask using the other elastic loop, and adjust the mask so it fits as closely as possible to your skin. The tighter the fit, the more proficient your mask will be at stopping the spread of droplets and other harmful particles. If the mask feels loose, adjust the ear loops to secure a tighter fit until you can feel that the edges of the mask are fitted snugly against your skin around your nose and mouth.

How effective are KN95 masks? 

KN95 masks have been tested to great lengths, and are confirmed as being highly effective at stopping the spread of harmful droplets. The masks have been proven to be impenetrable for 95% of particles, as long as those particles are 0.3 microns in size or larger. 

KN95 masks are useful in protecting wearers against many virus-causing particles, as well as dust, pollen and other harmful pollutants. The masks have undergone rigorous testing, and are now relied upon by a vast number of companies wanting to provide their staff with the best possible protection.