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KN95 face masks are one of the most effective respiratory face masks available today. The masks are widely used in workplaces where staff require protection from potentially harmful airborne particles, and they also filter out pollen, bacteria and dust. The face masks are affordable and widely available, making them the go to product for companies who need to keep their staff safe from airborne particles. 

If you’re looking for a face mask that will prevent your staff falling victim to dangerous particles, the KN95 mask is a great option. The masks use a cutting edge design to filter out pollen, dust, bacteria and other particles that can enter the body through the mouth and nose. With a comfortable fit that doesn’t leave gaps for these particles to enter, the design of these masks has made them one of the most universally popular forms of personal protective equipment. 

Take a look at our guide to KN95 masks to find out all you need to know about these practical and efficient face masks. We’ll talk you through how they work, what they’re for, how to wear them and of course where to find them. 

How do KN95 masks work? 

KN95 masks work in a relatively simple, yet highly effective way. The masks are polyester based, and very closely fitted to the wearer’s face. The material used in these masks is highly reliable when it comes to filtering airborne particles; it will not let any particles with  a diameter greater than 0.3 µm through its protective barrier. There are five layers of protection built into every KN95 mask, and all materials used in the masks are completely safe to wear against skin for prolonged periods of time. 

What are KN95 masks for? 

KN95 masks are now widely known, and that’s largely down to their use in the fight against Covid-19. The ongoing global pandemic has caused a huge upsurge in demand for personal protective equipment, and in particular face masks. While there are a huge number of different face masks now on the market, few have been recommended by renowned global health organisations such as the WHO. 

The World Health Organisation has repeatedly advised countries fighting the spread of Covid-19 that masks should be a key part of their defence strategies. Medical masks, and in particular five-layer masks such as KN95 masks, are well known for their effectiveness in filtering airborne particles, and as such they are recommended for those at greater risk, such as medical personnel. 

The ‘95’ that features in the name of this product refers to the degree of protection that these masks provide. Of course no mask is 100% effective against all particles, but these masks will filter out at least 95% of airborne particles, provided that the particles themselves are larger than 0.3 µm in diameter. This means that well-known hazards such as bacteria, viruses, dust, pollen and particles caused by pollution will all be filtered out by the mask. 

The letter ‘N’ in the name of the masks also gives inference as to its usage. The letter is an abbreviation of ‘Non-Oil’, and in this case it means that the masks will protect the wearer from any non-oil based particles, as well as solid particles of the required diameter. 

KN95 masks have been fully certified by Chinese authorities, and are the established regulatory standard for filtering respirators in the country. This certification gives further weight to the effectiveness of these masks against dangerous particles. It’s also testament to the design of the masks. Their unique shape is tightly sealed to the wearer’s face and therefore keeps any leakage to an absolute minimum. 

How effective are KN95 masks?

KN95 masks are highly effective, and that’s why they’re in such high demand all over the world. The masks have been in widespread use for decades, having been invented back in the 1990s by US scientist Peter Tsai. 

The electrocharged fibre that forms the base of these masks is the result of a decade of Tsai’s research. In 1996, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control found that Tsai’s invention could effectively block virus-causing particles, when used in a medical mask design. Since this realisation, the KN95 masks have been in use all over the world. 

KN95 masks are particularly reliable because of both the materials used in them and the unique design of the masks. The elastic headbands that secure the mask to the wearer’s head are an incredibly important part of the defence barrier that these masks offer, enabling the masks to be fitted incredibly closely to the skin, creating a completely sealed protective barrier that stops particles from entering the respiratory system. 

How to avoid counterfeit KN95 masks 

It is an unfortunate fact that the market is currently being infiltrated by counterfeit KN95 masks, which don’t provide adequate protection. While these masks will often look remarkably similar to the real, certified products, there are some key differences that buyers should watch out for. 

The materials used in counterfeit masks may well be correct, but the fit is important. If the masks don’t provide an adequately close fit, and there are gaps around the mask where particles could get in, then it’s likely that the mask is counterfeit. In medical workplaces, staff regularly undergo fit testing for their KN95 masks. If a mask will not pass these tests, then it may not be genuine. 

Ensure that all masks purchased are being sold by a reputable company with a solid reputation for providing genuine goods. Manufacturers should validate masks by labelling them clearly, and providing evidence of testing. Usually testing is done by a Chinese  regulatory agency. Steer clear of any deals that sound too good to be true. In this case, the potential risks definitely outweigh any cost savings. 

How long can you wear a KN95 mask for? 

KN95 masks are designed to be worn for prolonged periods of time. In hospitals and other medical settings, the masks are regularly worn for long shifts. In fact, guidance suggests that it is better for staff to keep masks on for as long as is required, rather than removing them intermittently during their work. 

When masks are used for an extended period, personnel are less likely to touch the masks as much and therefore the risks of transmission are lowered. Usually, these masks are therefore removed due to hygiene concerns or for practical reasons, rather than because they are no longer serving their purpose. 

US public health body the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) has issued extensive guidance on how long KN95 masks can be worn for, covering issues such as reuse recommendations and associated risks. 

Do KN95 masks need to be fitted professionally? 

One of the key determining factors in the effectiveness of KN95 masks is the fit. So, in most workplaces and healthcare settings masks are fitted professionally. For adequate protection to be provided, the mask must fit as tightly as possible to the skin. If the mask cannot be sealed to the skin, the wearer may need to try a different sized product to ensure that tightly sealed fit. 

Read up on how to fit a KN95 mask correctly before providing your team with the products, and make sure all team members have the fit of their masks checked for their initial use. Staff should also complete a user seal check every time the masks are put on. Take a look at these instructions, issued by the CDC, to learn how to check the seal. 

The fit of masks should be checked regularly to ensure that masks remain adequately sealed to the skin, and that the protection provided is as good as it possibly can be. It is the responsibility of individual organisations to ensure masks are checked regularly to maintain their effectiveness. 

Where to purchase KN95 masks online 

KN95 masks are available to purchase online from a handful reputable retailers. Take a look at our collection of KN95 masks, which includes an extensive range of highly efficient masks, all of which are genuine, fully tested and regulated. Order online and our team will quickly process your request, and send your supply of KN95 masks straight to your door. 


KN95 masks offer a powerful defence against harmful bacteria, viruses, pollen, dust and pollution. Given the situation the world is currently facing, these products are also at the forefront of combined efforts to combat the spread of the pandemic and protect healthcare workers from the threat of Covid-19. 

The masks are widely used all over the world, and have been applauded for their efficiency in filtering out harmful airborne particles and protecting workers throughout their shifts. The masks can be worn comfortably for extended periods of time, and thanks to their uniquely close fit they’re incredibly reliable in stopping the spread of respiratory viruses. 

For more information about how these masks work, and how to order them, take a look at GotParts747.

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