DuPont Tyvek Suits (Pack of 6)


DuPont Tyvek Coveralls provide complete protection for a wide variety of applications. The coveralls are ideal for paint spraying, mold treatment lead and asbestos abatement/remediation. They’re also widely used for maintenance and operations, as well as general cleanup work. Available in packs of six, the suits range in size from small to XXL. 

DuPont Tyvek Coveralls are versatile, breathable garments, which have been made with flash-spun, high-density polyethylene. This is a non-woven material, designed to provide excellent protection and durability for a range of hazardous tasks. 

The coveralls are resistant to tears and punctures, and a tailored fit ensures a good range of motion to keep wearers comfortable. With elastic wrists to repel dirt and other particles, the DuPont Tyvek Coverall provides the perfect balance of protection, durability and comfort. 

  • PROTECTION: Microporous protection from dirt, grease and light chemical splashes
  • ELASTIC OPENING: for a tighter fit at the wrist and ankle.
  • GENERAL PURPOSE PROTECTION: The protective clothing can be used in work environments where hazardous or non-hazardous contaminants may be present
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: Very economical and lightweight, made from a breathable material 
  • ATTACHED RESPIRATOR FIT HOOD: Elasticated face opening designed to cover the neck and chin, fitting tightly around a respirator face mask
  • LONGER ZIPPER: Zip extends to the chin for complete coverage of neck area 

What does a Tyvek suit protect you from? 

Tyvek coveralls are designed to protect the wearer from a wide range of different hazards. The suits will repel liquids, oils and chemicals, and they’re also ideal in situations where wearers need protection from airborne elements. The material used in Tyvek suits can even protect wearers from miniscule particles of dust and other airborne substances. 

Where can I get a Tyvek suit? 

We stock a range of different Tyvek suits, with coveralls available in all sizes. Take a look at our collection of DuPont Tyvek suits to find the right coveralls for your workplace, and purchase online for fast delivery. 

Can Tyvek suits be washed? 

DuPont Tyvek suits are economical and are designed to be disposable. However, in some settings it may be possible to wash the suits in order to use them more than once. Consider the hazards the suits are being used for before deciding whether or not to dispose of, or rewear, your Tyvek coveralls. 

How long can you wear a Tyvek suit? 

Tyvek suits should be worn only for as long as they’re required to protect wearers from certain hazards. It is suggested that the suits are worn for periods of up to two hours to ensure wearers remain comfortable, but for some tasks the coveralls may need to be worn for longer. 

Are Tyvek coveralls waterproof?

Yes, the material used in Tyvek suits is fully waterproof. Exposure to water will not affect the protective qualities of these coveralls, as they are designed to be resistant to liquids. The non-woven fabric will repel any hazardous liquids, so the wearer can be confident that no water, chemical or oil based hazards will infiltrate the suit while it’s in use.