Sterilizer 4 x 1L


Isopropyl Alcohol sterilizer designed for decontamination and sterilization of all hard surfaces and specifically made for immediate sterilization of inside and outer surfaces of N95, KN95, and THE masks for prolonged, safe, sanitary use.

  • 4x1 liter bottles
  • Spray bottle
  • Isopropyl Alcohol Sterilizer
  • Effective disinfectant
  • Fast acting
  • Suitable for a range of hard surfaces
  • Suitable for use on N95, KN95, and THE mask

Immediate Sterilization

Immediate action on hard surfaces and face masks.

Isopropyl alcohol solution offers exceptional and fast acting sterilization - effectively combating bacteria on a range of surfaces with every use.

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Features of the product

Bear essential sterilizer offers fast and effective disinfection of all hard surfaces as well as face mask material.
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Isopropyl Alcohol

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Fast Acting

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Highly Effective Antibacterial Properties image

Highly Effective Antibacterial Properties

Made up of a solution of isopropanol and water, the bear essential sterilizer effectively penetrates bacteria cells and destroys them from the inside, helping to kill 99.5% of all bacteria and various other microbes on surfaces.

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Wide Range of Uses

Suitable for use as a sterilizer on a variety of hard surfaces, from steering wheels to keyboards to counter tops - enabling you to keep them safe and sanitary.

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Specifically created for effective sterilization of the inner and outer surfaces of N95, KN95 and Teflon High Efficiency (THE) masks, making them suitable for reuse without deterioration.

Made from High-grade Isopropyl image

Made from High-grade Isopropyl

Sterilization spray solution consisting of high-quality isopropyl alcohol for the most effective results with every use. No contamination with harmful chemicals ensuring you can keep all surfaces clean and in-tact.

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