Family Kit

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1 X 4 Liter Hand Sanitizer Large Bottle w/ lg Pump
1 x 1 Liter Sterilizer Regular Bottle w/One Sprayer
Ten (10) count box of Certified KN95 respirator masks
Fifty (50) count box of 3-ply surgical masks
THE Mask 5 count of adult size and 5 count of child size (Can switch to 10 count of child or adult)
100 count box of Nitrile or Latex gloves (please specify type and size). box

Glove Material
Glove Size

In the Family Kit you will receive all of the items in the Starter Kit PLUS, 10 additional KN95 respirator masks, larger Bear Essentials hand sanitizer (4 liter bottle), Teflon High Efficiency Masks 5 adult and 5 child sizes that can be changed to 10 of the same size.