G-MAX Treadmill Lubricant


Treadmill Silicone Oil Lubricant. -Proven performance for all treadmill types. -100% compatible with belt and treadmill material. -A few drops and 10X reduction in friction coefficient extends the life of your treadmill. -High purity. Made in USA. NSF and FDA approved food grade lubricant.

NOTE: Photo is of actual 8.5oz, 250ml bottle.

You may not realize it, but treadmill lubricant is necessary to keep your treadmill in excellent working condition. Without being properly oiled, your workout equipment can begin to show signs of wear: the belt may make more noise, and the friction may cause the belt to move more slowly and haltingly. Oiling it will treadmill oil is the best way to keep your treadmill running efficiently for years to come.

How Often to Use Treadmill Lubricant:
How often you should use treadmill lube depends on what the equipment is used for. For machines that are used primarily to walk, you need to use treadmill lubricant far more frequently (because these machines are used more often than those for running). Manufacturers vary on how often you should use treadmill belt lubricant, but generally speaking, most suggest oiling your treadmill every 3 months, or every 40 hours (depending on which comes first). Because only a few drops are needed to oil the machine, it is logical from a cost-perspective to oil it more often than not.

How to Use Treadmill Silicone Lubricant:
Most treadmills come with a manual explaining how to best use treadmill oil. Generally, you want to oil the area that your feet come into contact with most often. Take the treadmill lube and run it underneath the belt. Then, turn on the machine and walk for a few minutes to properly spread the treadmill belt lubricant across the belt. It is important to note that you are applying the oil to the underside, not the exterior of the belt. GotParts 747 provides high-quality treadmill lubricant for a variety of treadmill brands, makes and models. With the correct use, you can keep your treadmill running efficiently for years to come by using our treadmill silicone lubricant. 

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