Isopropyl Alcohol - IPA 70% (5 Gallon)


A highly versatile 70% isopropyl alcohol solution suitable for a range of uses. No particles, metals or trace organic content, this high-quality and colorless IPA solution is great for cleaning and disinfecting in a range of settings.

  • 70% IPA
  • 5 gallons
  • High purity
  • Colorless
  • Antibacterial properties 
  • Multi-purpose
  • Highly-Flammable

Is the 70% Isopropyl Alcohol in 5 Gallons the right product for me?

IPA Chart

Read Before You Buy

Routinely we are asked questions about price, quality, delivery, packaging, and other product details important to our customers. Various e-commerce and auction sites have made it easy for consumers and merchants alike to benefit from virtual stores and internet-based product distribution. However, all products are not equal in quality and specification.


What purity do I need for my application?

There are numerous brands and different grades of IPA (isopropyl alcohol) offered online. Listings offering “99.8%” or “99.9%” purity typically do so to promote the purity of the grade offered. However, there are standards for various grades of alcohol and these standards are designed to match the proper product to a given application. To verify the actual quality and determine if a product is the right grade for your application:


  1. Selection- Make sure that the vendor or reseller offers more than one product and not just varying packages of the same, but actual different grades of IPA. If only one grade is offered, it is likely that the product is from traditional distribution where it has been repackaged multiple times by different parties.
  2. Certified- Non-environment-controlled packaging will degrade the quality of even the finest of products. Only suppliers that offer multiple grades routinely analyze, test, and certify various grades of IPA. offers four (4) different grades of IPA. IMAX is a proven IPA brand that is synonymous with maximum purity, maximum value, maximum quality, providing maximum performance.
  3. Packaging- Product is only as good as the packaging- If the alcohol is packaged in low-density polyethylene (drug store or supermarket milk bottles), it cannot meet stringent quality specifications. Our bottles are made in the USA and our 99.5% and higher grades are made in clean-room environments and are certified pure with no particles or extractable contaminants. These are heavy-duty, UN-approved containers for hazardous materials that require the highest standard in packaging quality. Food and lower quality bottles are fine for general purpose use, however, they are not able to sustain the high purity specifications of alcohol over the full shelf life of the product.
  4. Price- The various grades of alcohol vary in price by as much as 10X. We offer a case of 4 gallons of IPA starting in the $30’s to over $320 for a similar case. When you see 99.8% or 99.9% being offered at an abnormally low price, it is an indication of distribution grade quality and is comparable to our IMAX Pure 100.
  5. Specification- Our 99.5% and higher grade products are offered with 2 sets of specs- the SALES spec, and the ACTUAL tested spec. In the selection guide, the product we offer as 99.5% sales spec has a better than 99.85% actual specification. By erring on the conservative side we continually exceed the quality expectations of our customers. Furthermore, in order to guarantee a 99.9% actual product, additional packaging steps and controlled-environment processing is required to keep the ambient moisture out of the product. This is not trivial and is a costly process to ensure 99.9% quality. On-line resellers, small re-packagers, and individual merchants are not equipped to provide this grade of product, and the capability to consistently analyze assay and moisture at part-per-billion (ppb) level requires a full scale analytical laboratory for quality control. All of our IPA at 99.5%+ are quality controlled and a certificate of analysis ensures the grade and purity of the product. We take our sales claims very seriously. With a realistic sales spec of 99.5%, all of the batches we produce surpass the 99.85% assay. We do not use purity as marketing jargon casually offered to customers to improve our sales.
  6. IMAX Pure 100 is an excellent all-purpose alcohol for general cleaning applications. It is pure IPA with no added water or other organic impurities. This product is not packaged in UN approved containers, is not certified, and is offered as a value-grade product for non-critical or stringent specification applications.
  7. IMAX 99.5% is recommended for majority of common isopropyl alcohol applications. This product is certified better than > 99.8% pure and can be used in a wide array of applications from 3D printing, to botanical and organic oils, biodiesel titration, and adhesives solvents.
  8. IMAX 99.95% is a semiconductor grade product that exceeds USP (Pharmacopeia Grade) and is for sensitive medical, optical, memory, disk/media and electronic applications.
  9. IMAX 99.99% Nano-Pure Peta-Bit grade is a specialty material for true anhydrous requirements with conductivity requirements and ultra-low metal (part per trillion) and low particulate requirements (nanometer-scale memory processes).
  10. We are available for consulting on custom projects, shipping, packaging or if you have other specific questions we are always available to help.

Best-in-class 70% Isopropyl Alcohol

A superior-grade 70% isopropyl alcohol solution.

A solution with zero particles, traces of metal or organic content allows for a powerful and highly effective isopropyl alcohol with strong disinfectant properties.

Certificate of analysis shows less than 0.01% impurity.

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Features of our alcohol

Isopropyl Alcohol is perfect for a wide variety of uses across industries.
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Ultra High Purity

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Exceeds USP Pharmacopeia Grade icon

Exceeds USP Pharmacopeia Grade

Wide Range of Uses image

Wide Range of Uses

70 parts alcohol and 30 parts water results in fast action against microbes on skin as well as hard surfaces. With these properties, isopropyl alcohol makes a highly effective cleaning agent and disinfectant within pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, automotive, industrial, personal care, household cleaners and more.

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Colorless Solution

A strong solution of Isopropanol and water with the characteristic alcohol odor but absolutely no color added.

Colorless Solution image

Use on a multitude of domestic and industrial surfaces with low risk of staining and discoloration.

Use with Care image

Use with Care

Powerful alcohol solution that is incredibly effective when used with care. Limit prolonged exposure, wear protective equipment and use in well-ventilated environments away from ignition sources or direct sunlight.

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