Shop IPA Alcohol

High-quality, ultra-pure isopropyl alcohol designed for use in industrial, commercial, medical, cosmetic, automotive, electronic, pet care, horticulture, and laboratory applications. As an all purpose solvent, this colorless product is available in 99.99%, 99.5%, 91%, and 70% concentrations.

Shop Silicone Oil

Premium US produced product and the highest grade available. Non-toxic, ultra-pure, odorless, FDA certified, and certified Kosher. G-MAX, A-MAX, RC-MAX are specifically engineered for treadmill, airsoft gun, and radio controlled component lubrication. Other products are available for food machinery lubrication, and transformer fluids.

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Grass colorant is a cost effective, advanced aqueous formulation for maintaining the aesthetic appearance of grass and lawns on residential and commercial properties. This non-toxic surface treatment is safe for children and pets, and contains no VOCs or other environmental hazards.

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