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Silicone Oil

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Silicon Oil

Silicone oil is a useful substance used by many people in a wide range of industries. It is a fluid ranging in a variety of viscosities with properties such as low surface tension, low-toxicity, ability to withstand a wide variety of temperatures, and excellent water repellency. It is almost completely odorless, and is not greasy. This useful fluid has many uses and applications, including as a solvent, foam preventive, in food processing, as a lubricant, a surface-active material, a mechanical fluid, in electronic equipment, in polishes, and in cosmetic and other skin products. A few examples of uses are as follows: 

Uses for Silicone Oil 

Airsoft Silicone Oil
Silicone oil is utilized as a lubricant for airsoft gun parts. Using a lubricating oil will keep your airsoft gun in good repair, and will increase longevity, and accuracy. 

Radio Control Component Lubricant 
Silicone oil is used for radio control component lubrication in order to keep all electro-mechanical contacts and components clean and working well.

Treadmill Lubricant 
Treadmills need to be well-oiled to run efficiently. Silicone oil is useful for this purpose, and will extend the life of your treadmill by reducing friction between the belt and deck. 

Transformer Oil
Because of its ability to withstand temperature changes, this oil can be used to insulate transformers as transformer oil. 

Food Grade Silicone Grease/Food Grade Lubricant 
Because our oil is food grade approved, it is used as a food grade silicone grease in the kitchen, and is often utilized as a food grade lubricant for kitchen equipment. 

Industrial Lubricants
Silicone oil is used for mining, railroads, construction, timber, logging, agriculture, and other industries in which industrial lubricants are needed. 

Because it is non-toxic, tasteless, and not flammable, this oil is the best lubricant choice for many industries, from restaurants to logging equipment. GotParts 747 has many different types of silicone oil for each and every purpose. Browse our selection to find the product you are looking for!