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Acetone 5 Gallon

Acetone 100% pure is a high-quality formula, that provides maximum strength for commercial and industrial use. This is a high-quality chemical product manufactured in the United States. 

PLEASE NOTE product ships in 20-US Quart Bottles Not 5-ONE GALLON BOTTLES • Best in Class IMAX Acetone • High Purity Acetone • Product, bottle, and packaging 100% MADE IN USA- No risky import products. • Same Day Shipping (on orders received before 12:00 Noon PST). • 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee. • We have eliminated the national distributors, repackagers, and retail middlemen and supply direct to customers. • Safe for Personal Use • Industrial Grade

  • Product Description


• Industrial Grade

• Common used solvent in organic reactions

• Safe for personal use

• Perfect for commercial and lab use